You have arrived at is a system administration and hosting organization.

We offer a number of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Co-Location (SF Bay Area)

    Besides any of the features of our provider,, we ourselves use, and thus provide: per-system console (individual passwords), remote power control, experienced remote hands, high end switch (Alteon and Cisco) capabilities (VIPs for load-sharing or balancing), and more.

  • Domain Name Hosting

    This can go hand in hand with any other service. We can provide forward and reverse DNS for you, either as a primary or secondary server.

  • Web Site Hosting

    We use apache with ssl and php (with a mysql backend) for our default configuration, other modules or individual apache (or other webserver) builds on request.

  • Shell accounts

    Believe it or not, yes, we offer shell accounts, with all the trappings.

  • Mail Accounts

    POP or IMAP, as well as restricted (your mailer of choice as your shell) mail accounts. We're adding IMAPS and POPS to the systems shortly for secure mail access, as well.

  • Mud Accounts

    We're mud friendly, as we run our own and play them as well. Multiple accounts, multiple copies, multiple ports, pretty much anything you can ask for.

  • Professional Services

    Also an 'in conjunction with' service. This means that we can help you on a case by case, or regular basis with any number of things from web site design, database setup or configuration, programming, network configuration or administration, system administration, or even hands on work when applicable.

  • And more... just ask us if you don't see it.

For the moment, contact for any problems with the system you may have, to discuss pricing, availability, or interested in signing up with us.

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Age of Legends MUD
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